Grain Free Adult Haddock, Sweet Potato & Parsley

£ 11.99 GBP
A tasty, grain free meal for your dog, rich in haddock and salmon with sweet potato providing all the nutrients required to promote healthy dogs. Good quality food in recyclable packaging.


Grain Free haddock and salmon mixed with sweet potato, making a wholesome, tasty meal which provides complete nutrition for your dog.

Labelled for working dogs, therefore VAT free, meaning value for money and delicious.  It’s “tastiness” appeals to the fussiest of eaters.

Fish 50% (including 26% freshly prepared haddock, 17.5% dried salmon, 4.5% trout oil, 2% salmon stock),  sweet potato (24%), peas, potato, beet pulp, olive oil, linseed, sunflower oil, minerals, vitamins, parsley (equivalent to 25g per kg of product), vegetable stock, FOS (92 mg/kg), MOS (23 mg/kg).

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