Grain Free Senior Turkey, Sweet Potato & Cranberry

£ 11.99 GBP
This Grain Free Senior Turkey, Sweet Potato and Cranberry is low in fat and a source of essential nutrients, including riboflavin, potassium and selenium. • Turkey, a lean protein source rich in essential amino acids •Sweet potato and potato to suit grain intolerance and sensitive tummy’s • Cranberry is a good source of vitamin C, E, K and dietary fibre, assisting with general health and wellbeing. Good quality food in recyclable packaging.


The Pawsitive Nutrition Range includes a selection of the finest, freshly prepared, nutritious, highly digestible animal proteins.  Sweet potato and potato replace the grains, helpful for pets with grain intolerance and sensitive tummy’s.

Our Senior turkey, sweet potato and cranberry premium ingredients are:

Packaged in recyclable brown paper bags with 15kgs labelled as working dog, therefore VAT free, giving value for money.

The fact it is “toothsome” (there is such a word, we checked), is an opinion shared by the fussiest eaters.


Turkey 50% (including Freshly Prepared Turkey 27%, Dried Turkey 21% and Turkey Stock 2%), Sweet Potato (16%), Potato, Peas (8%), Beet Pulp, Linseed, Omega 3 Supplement, Minerals, Vitamins, Vegetable Stock, Cranberry (0.2%), Glucosamine (170 mg/kg), Methylsulfonylmethane (170 mg/kg), Chondroitin Sulphate (125 mg/kg), FOS (96 mg/kg), MOS (24 mg/kg)

Crude Protein 27% Crude Fat 9% Crude Fibre 3.5% Crude Ash 8.5% Moisture 8% NFE 44% Metabolisable Energy 343 kcal/100g Omega 6 1.8% Omega 3 1% Calcium 1.5% Phosphorus 1.1%

For bulk buy / breeder discount please get in touch.

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